In the holy Scriptures the heart symbolizes the wole person, but in prayer it brings more then meaning, the message, the will, feeling and emotion. In spite of this, the spiritual fathers of the church first began to speak to Jesus in the 17th century and then only sporadically.
A major impulse to the devotion af the Sacred Heart of Jesus is sister Margarita Maria Alakok, to whom Jesus appeared repeatedly from Dezember 1673 till June 1675, showing her His Heart. The sister was the first one to initiade the phrase Sacred Heart. She wished to express simultaneously the love of god for us, as well as, the gift of joy and our own love. She reminds us that love is a sacrifice with a new meaning rectification. To rectify means to right an offence with an abundance of love. Christians have this realisation of the reparation whichJesus offered His Father for all of mankind.

Sister Margarita Maria emphasizeds that we too are obliged to make reparations to Jesus for the insufficient love of the sinners. This abeendance of love is also a gift of Christ to acknowledge and accept the gifts of his people. Christ asks the sister to find various ways of devotion towards the Heart of Jesus and to decree a holyday. The catholic church officially declared the 3rd Friday after Penttcast in 1765 to celebrate the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus saw a major increase in the 10th century. Today it is spread throughout the catholic world and appeals to many believers.


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